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‘18th-century sexuality,’ California wine studies: Is this how government funds should be spent?

Doc Thompson
Money down the Drain. Cash dollars slipping down a drain. Getty Images / Damon_Moss

What’s going on?

Want to know where your hard-earned tax dollars are going? Some of the latest government research grants to be awarded will put public funds toward researching “poor posture” and “18th-century sexuality,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

How much money are we talking?

Last month, the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded $12.8 million for 253 projects as part of NEH’s latest cycle of funding.

Doc and Kal talked about some of the latest research grants from the NEH and why they’re a crazy example of government spending on today’s show.

Tell me more …

Here are some of the research projects selected for NEH grants:

  • A study of "18th century sexuality”
  • A study about bells in Bulgaria
  • A propaganda study based on the theory that Fox News can brainwash liberals
  • A virtual exhibition of more than 90 pieces of New Deal art from the town of Gallup, New Mexico
  • A book-length study documenting California wine history and its intersection with labor relations
  • An “immersive” video game about alchemy

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