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Author and world renowned negotiator offers Comey analysis

Chris Salcedo
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Today on "The Chris Salcedo Show," Ed Brodow,  spokesman on the art of negotiation and author of "In Lies We Trust: How Politicians and the Media Are Deceiving the American Public," talked to Chris Salcedo about President Donald Trump's firing of now former FBI director James Comey.

Brodow felt Comey has shown incompetence repeatedly. He cited his insistence on nearly a year of investigation into possible interference from Russia in the 2016 presidential election, even though it has turned up nothing. Conversely, Comey did not go after leaks coming from the Trump White House.

The author criticized New York Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) for decrying the firing when he previously claimed he had no confidence in the former FBI director. The idea that Comey was fired because he was "on the scent" regarding a connection between Trump and Russia "would have some meaning if there was substance to this investigation," according to Brodow.

He went on to disagree with Democrats comparing this incident to former President Richard Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre" in 1973, in which Nixon fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox during the Watergate investigation.

The author said a closer comparison would be to former president Harry Truman's firing of General Douglas MacArthur when he pushed for war with China during the conflict with Korea. He thinks Trump believes Comey is just not doing the job.

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