Author who exposed Obama’s ties to Marxism says Trump should purge Obama-era leadership in WH

Trevor Loudon, author, and creator of hard-hitting political documentaries joined Matt Locke and Rocci Stucci on Saturday to discuss why President Donald Trump should purge all leadership appointed under the Obama-era. Loudon hails from Christchurch, New Zealand, and has focused on Marxist movements and terrorism for the last 30 years.

On Saturday, Loudon stressed the importance of having leadership in the White House that aligns with the president’s governing philosophies. Many leadership appointees, he says, are leftists from the Obama administration who Loudon says are orchestrating against the president. He says it’s in the president’s best interest to get “right down to the root and branch of the Justice Department … otherwise, they will do him in.”

Tune in to the podcast above to hear the rest of what Loudon thinks of current White House leadership.

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