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Brad Thor suggests this might be the necessary strategy for dealing with North Korea

Glenn Beck
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Author Brad Thor joined Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to talk about his new thriller novel, “Use of Force,” as well as the real-life terrors that America faces today.

On Tuesday’s show, Glenn wanted to “war game” the situation with North Korea and what America should be doing in reaction to the regime’s horrifying treatment of U.S. student Otto Warmbier and to North Korea’s recent missile tests.

People who scoffed at North Korea’s seemingly small nuclear weapons test were in the wrong, Thor stated. He pointed out that North Korea has satellites in space that pose a threat to the U.S., something that Glenn hadn’t even thought about.

“Thank you, Brad,” Glenn said sarcastically.

Thor talked about how Kim Jong Un’s ruthless regime killed his half-brother and his uncle to keep anyone else from possibly taking power. The U.S. needs to infiltrate the country in order to understand and expose the skeletons in North Korean leaders’ closets, Thor asserted.

“We need to work it from the inside out,” he said of North Korea.

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