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Brooklyn bar offers to trade booze for 'man buns

Mike Opelka
(Stu Forster/Staff/Getty Images)

Friday's "Pure Opelka" featured the story of "Boobie Trap," a bar in Brooklyn's trendy Bushwick neighborhood that's offering an unusual promotion. The bar's owners have grown tired of the "man bun" hairstyle currently prevalent among hipsters, so they are offering patrons a full bottle of booze in exchange for allowing a bartender to cut off their man buns and tack them to the wall as trophies.

Mike Opelka reported that the promotion has been quite successful so far.

"If you don't think they're serious about it, they already have many different man buns removed and hanging on the bar like scalps."

Mike celebrated the bar's vendetta against man buns: "I think we've finally found something wonderful — a sign that sanity is returning to the universe."

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