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Colleges restrict free speech through social pressure, not official policies

(SHAUN CURRY/AFP/Getty Images)

Professor Jonathan Zimmerman, author of "Campus Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know," joins Doc Thompson on The Morning Blaze to explore the culture of American colleges and universities. Jonathan points out that a surprising number of college students are older professionals with little interest in the safe space debate and expresses his concerns about the subtle squashing of unpopular points of view in academia through social pressure.

"I'm deeply troubled not by the fact that forty percent of my colleagues disagree with me (on race-based admissions), but by the fact that you actually don't hear them speak very much, "Jonathan explains. "Now is that because there's some law, some draconian McCarthyist preventing them from speaking? It is not. And again, we've got to be very careful here. But it does show a more informal and social prohibition on expression, which I think should be troubling to anybody who cares about not just the First Amendment, but about the university."

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