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Congressional candidate doesn't reside in the district he's running for

Mike Opelka
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Georgia's 6th Congressional District is holding a special election today to fill the seat left vacant by Republican Tom Rice. Today on "Pure Opelka," Mike Opelka played a CNN interview with democrat candidate Jon Ossoff, who is not even a resident of the district.

"Is it true that you cannot vote for yourself?" anchor Alisyn Camerota asked, prompting Mike to wonder where this question was a month and a half ago. "Where was all the journalistic research tearing down this guy's background?" As the flagship "young white progressive" of the Democrats, such issues seem to have only occurred to the media today.

Ossoff gave a non-answer. "Well, I grew up in this district. No one knew there was gonna be an election coming." He cited his medical student girlfriend of 12 years as the reason he has chosen to live by Emory University. He assured Camerota that as soon as she concludes her medical training, he will be 10 minutes up the street from where he grew up.

Both the CNN anchor and Mike wondered why Ossoff has not yet married a woman he has been with for 12 years. The candidate protested that this was "more of a personal question."

After he suggested an election day proposal, Camerota stated the obvious: "You will not be able to vote for yourself."

Ossoff has made several missteps in the past few days, putting words in the mouth of website 538's Nate Silver and tweeting criticism today of campaign emails coming from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Mike said he would be nervous if he were a Democrat.

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