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Crazy stories out of Florida make Jeffy ask, 'Fake news or not?

Editor-in-Chief of The Atlantic worries that President Donald Trump will incite violence against liberal journalists. (designer491/Getty Images)

A woman was arrested for making her boyfriend’s 14-year-old son drive her to Waffle House because she was too drunk. A guy faked being a player for the Miami Dolphins to scam people…and got away with it for three years. And a police chase which occurred over $10.38 worth of summer sausage.

On Saturday, “The Jeff Fisher Show” took a look at some very strange news stories that reportedly happened in Florida, including the fake Miami Dolphins player who used his “job” to score hookups at nightclubs and cars he couldn’t afford.

The guys debated whether or not the woman who had five drinks and made her boyfriend’s kid drive her was making an understandable choice by at least not driving drunk. They also discussed whether or not police would chase a man for stealing $10 worth of merchandise from Publix.

“You’re giving me fake stories from Florida. Come on,” Jeffy implored.

And of course in this era of “fake news,” the biggest question is: Are these stories real, or did Twitter lie to us?

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