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Describing the decay of truth through the painting, 'The Garden of Earthly Delights


On "The Mike Slater Show," Mike talks about the decay of Truth and in the process refers to a 16th Century painter named Hieronymus Bosch, who has a painting called, "The Garden of Earthly Delights."

"There's three panels, the one on the left God is presenting Eve to Adam and everything beautiful and exotic and green. ... The center panel, which is the biggest, everyone's doing whatever they want and it's a bit loco, ... and everyone's doing their own thing according to their own moral compass," Mike describes. "And then you have the third panel, the right panel and you guessed it — it's hell, it's a hellish scene where the humans have succumbed to their temptations and there's a city in the background that's burning."

Mike believes that this painting demonstrates a truth of human existence, a truth of life that order decays. He thinks that this fits the second law of thermodynamics called entropy. He postulates that things decay much like a human body until it is affected by an external force but without an external force, things get older and things fall apart.

"I think the same is true of society. Without an external force, which is God, if we just go aimlessly, we will entropy, we will decay. That's why I'm a conservative, because I believe without order, without religious truths, without traditions, without virtue and purity and respect, things fall apart," Mike says.

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