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Did Netflix censor ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’?

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Bill Nye’s PBS program from the '90s is on Netflix, but it may be a little different than people remember.

On Thursday’s “Pat & Stu,” the guys talked about a segment on a “Bill Nye the Science Guy” episode that didn’t make the cut on Netflix but can still be seen on YouTube.

An episode from 1996 about the science of gender featured a young woman explaining that there are two genders determined by whether or not a baby receives an “X” or a “Y” chromosome from their dad. The old clip has gotten recent attention because of Nye’s new Netflix show, “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

“For some reason, the chromosomes don’t mean what they used to mean and now it’s either ‘XX’ or ‘XY' or something like ‘LT’ or ‘MN’ or ‘BT’ or ‘QR.’ There’s just so many different options now,” Pat Gray explained.

“Science has become feelings. We now feel our science,” Stu Burguiere said, trying to explain liberal reasoning: because we fear climate change, it becomes science, and because people feel that they are a particular gender, that’s science. “We feel we’re all going to die, so we need to spend multi-trillions on catastrophic climate change in the next 10 minutes. … Here, we feel that we might not be a boy or a girl and therefore, that’s science.”

Stu wondered if Nye had requested ahead of time for that particular segment to be edited out or if it was cut out because people recently pointed out the contradiction of the clip vs. Nye’s new explanation of gender.

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