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DNC vice chair: Repeal of Obamacare is a 'non-starter

Chris Salcedo

Democrats are vehemently opposed to Republican attempts to repeal or even replace the Affordable Care Act. New York state assemblyman Michael Blake, a vice chair at the Democratic National Committee, said that repeal, even with a plan to later replace, is “a non-starter” to Chris Salcedo on “The Chris Salcedo Show” today.

He said there is “No reason at all we should be taking away someone’s health care,” and did not understand why Republicans have not invited Democrats to the table to “have a real conversation” about bringing down health care costs. Of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell’s upcoming vote to repeal now and replace later, he said, “We can’t allow that to occur.”

Blake believes 22 million people will be without health care in the event of a repeal. He said, “Medicaid in particular is for low income communities,” and that “someone can be physically able but struggling economically.” He rejected the idea of people being added to the program, which was expanded beyond its intended capacity under Obamacare, for political reasons.

He asserted that people are given Medicaid now because they fell onto hard economic times, had no other alternatives in their state, needed to care for a spouse, or had preexisting conditions. He took issue with the proposed tax cuts in the Better Care Reconciliation Act for the wealthiest communities – people earning $250-500,000 a year. He seemed to believe the danger facing the Medicaid problem was not the expansion, but the need for funding.

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