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Doc: Here’s what would happen if we crashed on a desert island

Doc Thompson
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

How far would you go to survive? Doc Thompson posed the cannibalism vs. survival question to “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” crew and made joking predictions about how they would respond.

His scenario was that the plane crashed and they survived, but other people died. There isn’t any other food available, so they have to decide whether or not to turn cannibal.

Doc envisioned Kris Cruz instantly trying to turn the situation into a money-making scheme, while Brad Staggs would take a lot of convincing.

“I’ve got salt. I’ve got ketchup,” Doc joked about how Brad could be persuaded.

With Kal Elsebai, they would simply have to lie to him and tell him that they found food, Doc asserted. “It’s beef jerky!” he said.

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