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Doc Thompson: Should teachers stop paying state taxes?

Doc Thompson
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Up for discussion on "The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson" was the question of whether or not California teachers should be exempt from paying state income tax. A bill out of the Senate in California proposes that teachers should keep their state income tax after five years of teaching. Proponents argue that 40 percent of teachers leave the field within five years, so this would be an attempt to work toward longevity in the education profession.

"If you ever got together and said, okay, let's make a list of who should be exempt from taxes, soldiers top the list... anybody who's sacrificing themselves for somebody else," Thompson begins.

The bill working its way through the Senate would allow teachers to build up tax credits over their first five years of teaching, at the end of which, they would recoup the entire amount of state income tax paid during that period.  Teachers who decide to continue beyond the five years would then be exempt from state income tax going forward.

"You wouldn't get a day one, you'd rack up credits, and it'd be retroactive," Thompson states.

Khal Elsebai, Executive Producer of "The Morning Blaze" argues that exempting one profession from state income taxes over others sets a bad precedent for the future and other professions would soon follow.

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