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Eggs yanked from European supermarkets after contamination scare


Egg products imported from certain countries in Europe have been contaminated with an insecticide that may be harmful to humans, resulting in millions of eggs being pulled from supermarket shelves.

Celebrity chef Patrick Mosher joined Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about the egg crisis as well as food safety in general.

“It’s a mildly dangerous contaminant, but it’s banned in Europe, completely,” Patrick explained the issue with the eggs.

Health officials said the eggs contaminated with fipronil came from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, according to Reuters. The eggs made their way to Sweden, Switzerland, France and Britain. Fipronil is commonly used to treat fleas and ticks in pets, but regulations ban its use in animals intended for human consumption. Dutch authorities arrested two people in relation to the contamination crisis last week.

“The numbers of eggs involved is very small and the risk to public health is very low, but we are urgently investigating the distribution of these eggs in the UK,” the U.K.’s Food Standards Agency said in a statement reported by the Guardian.

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