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Energy companies need to 'tell better stories' to revamp their image

David McNew / Stringer

Most of the western world runs on oil, gas, and coal. Industries that refine and distribute the energy from these resources help the West stay efficient and even healthy, powering every technology that keeps it modern. How is it that they became the bad guys in nearly every film and so many news stories? And how can the energy industry turn its image around?

Jacki Daily invited Roy Maynard of the Tyler Morning Telegraph to help her understand the demonization of energy on this weekend's "Jacki Daily Show." He encouraged the public relations departments of fossil energy companies to tell their stories better. They distrust the press and do not give access to the very people who can help them educate the public.

Rather than address protests, their PR departments work hard to stay out of the news entirely. They do not publicize charitable donations and fight challenges financially rather than in the public eye.

Maynard suggested a focus on energy poverty, which in the West describes people who cannot afford to heat or air condition their homes. Vulnerable populations such as the elderly sometimes die due to lack of protection from the weather. More energy production lessens the cost to regulate home temperature, cook food, and lead a generally healthful life style.

He said there has to be a human face on these issues, which Jackie agreed the left seems much better at providing.

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