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EPA asked to rescind Obama's greenhouse gas finding

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Ted Hadzi-Antich, senior attorney at the Texas Public Policy Foundation's Center for the American Future, joined Jacki Daily on "The Jacki Daily Show" this Sunday. They discussed two petitions filed with the Environmental Protection Agency to review the “endangerment finding” that served as the justification for former President Barack Obama’s climate change agenda.

In 2007 the Supreme Court ruled that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are a danger to human health and welfare. Carbon dioxide, which is exhaled by all living creatures and is essential to life on Earth, was included as a greenhouse gas. The implication is that the EPA gave itself "power to regulate everything everywhere," Hadzi-Antich said. "You can't go anywhere without emitting carbon dioxide."

The EPA also failed to submit findings on greenhouse gases and the proposed regulation to the Science Advisory Board for peer review. The board has 40 scientists of various disciplines who serve for ten years periods. While other findings after 2007 were submitted, this one was not.

The petitions were filed directly with current EPA administrator Scott Pruitt asking for a review. Hadzi-Antich thought the original finding may be found illegal because it was not peer reviewed.

The new administration is authorized to change positions and policies if it has sufficient reasons for doing so; the petitions provide Pruitt with a rationale to send findings to the Scientific Advisory Board and follow procedures correctly this time around.

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