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Erick Erickson: ‘Gross incompetence’ isn’t impeachable, but here’s what Trump should do

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President Donald Trump has been accused of divulging highly classified information to Russian officials and endangering U.S. intelligence sources. Erick Erickson of The Resurgent wrote Tuesday about his perspective on the White House situation since he knows one of the sources leaking information to the press. He talked about his concerns on Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

His source is a friend who supported Trump during his 2016 campaign and now works in the White House.

“He is concerned enough at this point, as are others within the national security apparatus, that they are under the impression that they have to leak these things to the media for the president to pay attention to them,” Erickson said of his friend.

Trump’s bragging gave the Russians enough information to know the location of an intelligence source and what information the source gave to the U.S., Erickson asserted.

He noted that national security adviser H.R. McMaster didn’t actually deny the Washington Post report breaking the news that Trump had allegedly divulged classified information to Russian officials.

“There is clearly something going on inside the White House leading to this disparity,” Erickson said. He pointed out that “gross incompetence is not one of the areas for impeachment in the Constitution” and Trump is legally within his rights to give away any information. But if the report is true, the president should do the right thing for the country, Erickson said, implying that Trump should step down if it will keep Americans safer.

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