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Fact check: The heat in hot peppers isn’t found in the seeds – here’s where it is

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People often think the heat in hot peppers comes from the seeds, but the burn in peppers actually comes from chemical compounds hidden in the pepper flesh.

On this week’s “40 Acres & a Fool,” Cam Edwards and Miss E bragged about their garden, which is full of tomatoes and hot peppers this summer, and shared some insights on the world of hot peppers.

Miss E explained what she’s doing with their abundance of peppers. She compared it to last year when they enjoyed 13 quarts of peppers, saying that this year’s garden would be even more successful.

“We’re going to have way more,” she said.

For anyone who wants to feel the full heat of their peppers, Miss E described her method for preserving peppers in big batches: a salt-water brine and plenty of garlic. Anyone following this method can relieve stress smashing the peppers down to break them a little and activate the “vein,” where all the heat resides.

“Contrary to popular opinion, the seeds aren’t the heat; it’s that vein on the inside of the pepper,” Miss E explained.

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