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Fossil fuel expert says this price is going up

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The NAPE Expo is where fossil fuel industry insiders meet to do business, trade prospects, and produce properties where oil and gas have been discovered. Jacki Daily of "The Jacki Daily Show" attended, and ran into Allen Gilmer of Drilling Info.

Gilmer, an energy asset analysis expert, said he sees oil heading to the $45-55 a barrel range, as gas is under priced right now. He also said companies are trying "unconventional techniques” at conventional wells for extracting oil, such as hydraulic fracturing -- or fracking -- at traditional wells like the easily recognizable horizontal type.

As the shallow, "easy oil," as Jacki phrased it, is harder to find, fracking can revive some of these older, old-fashioned drilling sites.

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