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Glenn updates his audience on his wife's health and thanks them for prayers

Glenn Beck
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Two weeks ago Glenn Beck shared with his audience a health issue his wife, Tania, was experiencing. Today on "The Glenn Beck RadioProgram," he updated them on the results of the testing that had been done to determine the cause of the problem.

It turns out that Tania had a condition known as trigeminal nerve disorder, which required her to have a root canal.

After seeing a dentist and a neurologist, the problem still had not been resolved. Thinking she needed to return to the dentist, Tania was seen on Sunday, at which time they discovered that a dead root was protruding into her trigeminal nerve, causing her excruciating pain. She had the root canal the following day.

"Thank you so much for praying for Tania over the last couple of weeks," Glenn said. "I've never been happy to have somebody get a root canal and so thank you for your prayers and this too has passed."

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