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Glenn: Who’s the next target after Fox News?

Glenn Beck
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On Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck talked about the downfall of Fox News and wondered what the future of the conservative movement will look like.

Fox News has been beleaguered by lawsuits against its talent and the network itself. CEO Roger Ailes and host Bill O’Reilly were ousted after charges of sexual harassment, and Fox News is currently being sued by more than a dozen plaintiffs who allege racial discrimination. Glenn wondered who the next target could be as Fox News crumbles.

“The conservative voice needs to be heard,” Glenn said. “I am hoping that the other conservatives will realize how much trouble the conservative movement is in, and we will start working together.”

He talked about the report that former Sen. Jim DeMint is being ousted from the Heritage Foundation; it’s been rumored that former White House adviser Steve Bannon will be put in his place. Glenn cautioned conservatives to beware of bringing in people who don’t represent their values and could completely take over the right-wing movement.

“The GOP thinks they can survive with the worst elements of the right, and they are eating the Heritage Foundation, they are eating the right,” Glenn warned.

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