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Google employee is under fire for internal memo opposing this politically correct policy
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Google employee is under fire for internal memo opposing this politically correct policy

An unnamed Google software engineer wrote a 10-page internal memo critiquing Google’s push for diversity – and the memo has predictably gone viral in a backlash. Obtained by Gizmodo, the memo titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber” made the argument that “discrimination to reach equal representation is unfair, divisive, and bad for business.”

Glenn Beck analyzed the memo, which also critiqued Google’s “left-leaning bias” as a company, on Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

The engineer cautioned against assuming that a gender gap in technology leadership positions is automatically due to sexism, pointing to general differences between men and women as possible reasons for the gap. As one example, he generalized that women tend to seek more work-life balance, while men “have a higher drive for status.”

Contrary to what people were saying in the backlash, the engineer was not saying that society is already perfect and racism and sexism never happen; instead, he was advocating for a fair approach to evaluate each person’s skills rather than seeing everyone as a representative of a race or gender.

“I hope it’s clear that I’m not saying that diversity is bad, that Google or society is 100% fair, that we shouldn’t try to correct for existing biases, or that minorities have the same experience of those in the majority,” the engineer wrote. “My larger point is that we have an intolerance for ideas and evidence that don’t fit a certain ideology.”

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