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Here’s why Ellen DeGeneres is wrong about Trump in this response to Megyn Kelly

Glenn Beck
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Megyn Kelly was asked during an appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” if she would ever have President Donald Trump on her own show.

Kelly said yes, she would have any sitting president of the United States on for an interview. DeGeneres vehemently said she would not – slamming Trump as a danger to her because she’s gay.

“I can’t have someone that I feel is not only dangerous for the country and for me personally as a gay woman, but to the world,” DeGeneres said in the clip.

On Friday's "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn Beck sympathized with her objections to Trump but noted that DeGeneres was mistaken on one thing: Trump’s record on gay rights.

Trump has stood with the gay community over the years, welcoming gay couples in his Mar-a-Lago country club before it was considered socially acceptable; inviting gay activist Peter Thiel to speak at the 2016 Republican convention; and condemning the homophobic attacker who murdered gay people at the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016.

“This is not a guy who is not a friend to gay people,” Glenn said.

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