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Here’s why Gen Z won’t put up with political correctness. But how far will the pendulum swing?

Stop Sign Asking For The End Of Political Correctness (JimVallee/gettyimages)

Political correctness has taken us to a world of perpetual outrage and 182 genders. But Doc Thompson believes the next generation will give us something better. On Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” he shared his theory that society will dial back political correctness when Gen Z is in charge.

Doc described his experience talking to a high school class about PC culture. He had expected them to be on board with it and be upset at him, but they cheered when he criticized how political correctness has resulted in censorship and outrage. Doc characterized millennials as being trapped in PC culture with no way to get out; he said the next generation has a chance to escape.

“[Millennials have] had this thrust upon them,” Doc said. “They were taught this nonsense, and they don’t like it either; they just don’t know how to get out.”

Doc hypothesized that the next generation will reject political correctness and get back to common sense; however, he expressed his concern that Gen Z may go to the opposite extreme of purposely hurting and angering people in the name of anti-political correctness.

“The pendulum’s gonna swing back quickly,” he said.

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