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Here's why Trump’s executive orders don’t really do much

Pat and Stu
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During his first 100 days, President Donald Trump has relied on executive orders to further his agenda instead of signing legislation, according to the Constitution.

On Monday’s “Pat & Stu,” the guys talked about why Trump’s executive orders aren’t really that effective … and why that’s a good thing if you believe in limited government. Trump has signed 32 executive orders so far, but many of them have sounded far more important than they are because they don’t actually change anything.

“Apparently, a lot of Donald Trump’s presidential orders, his executive orders, are nothing more than glorified press releases,” Pat Gray explained.

“I think actually this is a point in his favor, even though it’s not mean to be,” Stu Burguiere said. “To me that’s better than him doing a lot of executive orders that did accomplish a lot. That’s because he’s not supposed to do this by executive order; you’re supposed to pass legislation.”

Stu went through a list of seemingly impressive executive orders from Trump that in reality did not change the law or affect policy, but instead directed officials to create plans; set up commissions; and asked for reports on issues.

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