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Hilarious viral rant says what many think of today's college students

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Mike Opelka shared a viral rant from "Unapologetically Southern"comedian and motivational speaker Chad Prather on "Pure Opelka" today. In less than two and a half minutes, the humorous speech summarizes the feelings of many conservatives about the rash of university protests since President Donald Trump took office.

Prather began by praising college kids for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech. He then exercised his by asking what it is they are protesting. He concludes they are upset because they haven't gotten their way.

He implored them to take a Civics 101 class and blamed his own Generation X for raising entitled millennials. He asserted they were treated like "wondrous miracles who can do no wrong," and now demand that things feel emotionally satisfying.

"Listen, Pumpkin Spice. Going to class is a privilege, not a right," Prather said, suggesting that they stop wasting their parents' money and obtain gainful employment.

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