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Investigating the creepy things on The Morning Blaze crew's nightstands

Nachttischlampe - bedside lamp 01

During the broadcast, Doc Thompson and The Morning Blaze crew look at pictures of food for Khaled's app of the week segment that they tried to enter in. Upon sharing of the images, Kris Cruz, call screener and producer of The Morning Blaze decided to share a picture of what he had for dinner last night.

On Kris' nightstand Doc comments on the amount of candy, chocolate and energy drinks present but Khal sees something else in the background. The show didn't get any better for Kris after that as The Morning Blaze crew decides to point out the different creepy factors of the pictures. Doc notices that Kris has an autographed Glenn Beck picture on his night stand and Khal wonders why he has an old 1960's lamp next to eight pounds of chocolate.

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