Is a meat tax on the horizon in an effort to curb carbon emissions? ‘Increasingly probable’

On Tuesday’s episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed” cow farts, red meat, and plant-based protein was on the menu.

Meat consumption is the latest target of those seeking to save the world from impending doom caused by global warming. So, could a meat tax really be on the horizon? It would join the ranks of the sugar tax and tobacco tax in an effort to curb carbon emissions and satisfy the expectations listed in the Paris climate agreement — the same agreement President Trump took us out of.

According to a London private equity firm (Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return Initiative), the likelihood of a meat tax is “increasingly probable.”

Global warming alarmists like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates are already on board searching and endorsing plant-based protein products.

Pat’s not a fan as you probably guessed.

“These people want to take away our choices,” asserted Pat. “Unless it’s the choice to kill your baby — that’s a choice they like.”

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