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Is conservative talk radio the only voice left for average Americans?

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Cable news seems to be more interested in creating a narrative than informing the public about issues that concern them. Even conservative politicians appear to have abandoned their constituents. Is conservative talk radio the only avenue left to the people?

Chris Salcedo invited Bryan Crabtree, contributor to Townhall and the Daily Caller, to address this issue on Tuesday’s “Chris Salcedo Show.” Crabtree claimed that, according to a Trump campaign staffer, a year before Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, he listened to talk radio all over the country – specifically, the callers.

He then crafted a campaign to address what those callers were worried about. Among these issues were illegal alien felons going unpunished in the United States and fears about socialized medicine, which both gentlemen discussed.

Crabtree, explaining why politicians don't listen to the people, expounded upon the monetary advantages incumbent Republicans like Senators Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and John McCain (Ariz.) have over any less funded conservatives challenging them in primaries.

He said Graham is “in bed with banks” and lawyers, prompting Chris to respond, “Yeah, he’s in bed with John McCain, too, which is an image I never wanted to have.”

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