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Is Google’s ‘predictive medicine’ study really about eugenics?

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On this week's "The Kate Show," Kate Dalley took a look at Google’s $100 million research project into human health, which aims to find new predictors of disease.

Verily, the Google arm that focuses on health, is looking for 10,000 Americans who are willing to undergo four years’ worth of tests and monitoring for data gathering, according to MIT Technology Review. The goal is to collect an unprecedented “deep dive” of data about human health, including participants’ sleep patterns, heart rate as they go about their day, and physical samples even down to their tears.

Kate talked about Silicon Valley’s connections to the government, linking Google and Facebook investors to the CIA.

“How do you think Google got their mapping?” she asked. “That came into existence in one year.”

When the government is involved, a study into human health could have dangerous implications. Kate explained:

“What the study would do then is basically look at predicted medicine or precision health, as it is sometimes known, in a trend in health care that is growing exponentially and perhaps the greatest indication to date that this is slated to be the future of disease prevention and patient care. Now, you know whenever they say that, they’re talking eugenics.”

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