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John Cardillo illuminates threat of Islamic radicalization in US prisons

Glenn Beck
(Ghaith Abdul-Ahad/Getty Images)

John Cardillo fills in for Glenn Beck and welcomes Tiffany Gabbay, host of "Culture Wars" on TheRebel, to the program to discuss the false narratives Americans have been sold by the progressive left regarding vetting refugees, profiling criminals and border control. John and Tiffany then explore the little-known threat of Islamic radicalization that exists in America's prisons.

"While we're so focused on the refugee problem — and we need to be — we also need to keep our eye on the ball here at home," John explains. "There is no mechanism right now to track these people once they leave the (prison) facilities."

John then offers some rough estimates of the size of this threat based on what he learned from counter-terrorism expert Pat Dunleavy and points out that there is no vetting process in place for clergy that visit our prisons, allowing radical imams to spread their message unchecked.

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