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Left and right are both worried about HBO's "Confederate" -- here's why

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Premium cable channel HBO has produced the series "Confederate," a dramatic look at an alternate reality where the South won the American Civil War -- and the slave industry continues into the modern day. Protesters of the concept have taken to social media and begun a furious #NoConfederate campaign to try to prevent the show from airing.

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed the creators with the angle of discovering who is allowed to tell what stories. Conservatives are also writing worriedly about this show, anticipating a stirring of racial tensions by what will likely be a left-leaning indictment of current politics. 

On today's "Chris Salcedo Show," Chris Salcedo examined the way Hollywood typically presents race issues and who can validly tell stories inspired by them. As a Latino Gen-Xer, he recalled the slow insinuation of the "white-is-evil" narrative in film and television.

He said emphatically, “If you want to end racism, stop being racist.”

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