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Listen: African asylum-seekers in Israel are notified of first round of deportations


Rocketfire from Gaza; Israel retaliates

Rocket alarms followed by the sound of an explosion erupted over the weekend in Southern Israel after a rocket was launched from Gaza at Israeli territory.


Israel hands out 1st deportation notices

The Interior Ministry has just notified nearly twenty thousand asylum-seekers from Africa that they have been slated for deportation, making good on the Government’s threat to begin removing them by force if necessary.


Former Israeli Minister shows support for AFD

Davidi Hermelin, President of The International Center For Public Diplomacy In Israel speaking at ILTV Studio about Rafi Eitan's comment that said he hopes 'AFD' can one day become 'alternative for Europe.'


Israel asked to cease strikes in Syria, Lebanon

A bombshell new report suggests that the Russian-Israeli meeting that took place earlier this week was a Russian attempt to halt Israeli airstrikes in Southern Lebanon and Syria.


New report details Israel-Egypt cooperation

The New York Times claims that Israeli Military Forces have carried out more than one hundred airstrikes in the Sinai Peninsula, coordinated with Egypt to help suppress the Islamic state insurgency in the region.


Debate erupts around Polish Holocaust Bill

Debate continues to storm around Poland’s Controversial new bill, German F.M. says: ‘no one else’ but Germany is responsible for the Holocaust.


Israeli arrested in Colombia for drug trafficking

Police in Colombia have just made a massive drug arrest. The suspect is a thirty-five year-old Israeli man, who police believe is connected to a huge drug ring funneling illegal weapons and cocaine into Israel.


I.D.F. plans massive paratrooper drill

The I.D.F. has just announced a massive, all-out military simulation slated for later this year in the South. The drill will involve the entire paratrooper's brigade in full gear, making this the largest exercise of its kind in nearly six years.


A new way for diabetics

Ran Hirsch, Co-Founder & CEO Of A1c Foods speaking at ILTV Studio about the new solution that may help to manage or even prevent Diabetes with the help of maintain a healthy diet.


Omri Casspi back on the chopping block?

Israel’s very first pro basketball player, Omri Casspi, might be about to get traded off the Golden State Warriors, all because of his failure to hit his three-pointers.


Scientists say ancient code is actually Hebrew

Team of Canadians say they’ve now finally cracked the code of a mysterious six hundred year old book, and it’s apparently written in encrypted Hebrew.


Israel-to-Broadway, by way of ‘Chicago’

Looks like we might have another Israeli superstar following in Gal Gadot’s footsteps on her way to the global stage, Shiri Maimon, is about to star in the upcoming Broadway revival of "Chicago"


Hebrew word Of The Day: BA’MAH | בָּמָה = STAGE

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Ba'mah" which means "Stage"


The Weather Forecast

Temperatures to a low of about fifty-three, or twelve degrees Celsius. Tomorrow is expected to be partly cloudy with no change in temperatures, and a high of about seventy-six, or twenty-four degrees Celsius.

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