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Listen: Ayn Rand saw this coming in the 60's -- now history is repeating itself

Image credit/Youtube video Atlas Society

December 1960, Princeton University, Ayn Rand delivered a now-famous speech in which she claimed that both liberals and conservatives of the time had lost sight of their founding principles and beliefs, had forgotten what they stood for, and fixated only on what they wanted to destroy.

On the latest episode of "The Yaron Brook show," Yaron compared today's political and cultural climate to what was going on back in the 1960's.

"Nihilism, which is what the students in the 1960's were advocates for, and what on the students today on American campuses are advocates for, does not believe in a better future is not striving towards a better future. It just believes that what exists today is evil and bad and needs to be destroyed," said Yaron. He added, "Nihilism on the left, Nihilism on the right, Nihilism has been the winner if the last 50 years. Principle, the ideas of the founders, Capitalism, thinking, reason: [these have] been the losers of the last 50 years. As we stand here facing 2018, it's hard to be optimistic...."

Listen to Yaron explain in the podcast clip above or catch the full podcast here.

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