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Listen: Dutch public official tells man with Down syndrome how much he costs society

Glenn Beck

Babies are too often killed in the womb after being diagnosed with Down syndrome. In Iceland, nearly 100 percent of babies diagnosed during prenatal testing are aborted, while the U.S. is at around 67 percent.

The Netherlands also appeared to be advocating for this form of eugenics, according to a recent video with a Dutch official talking to a man with Down syndrome. In the clip, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health employee calculates what people with Down syndrome cost in comparison to the rest of the population.

The footage reportedly came from the Dutch TV show “The Last Downer,” which is hosted by two people with Down syndrome who are advocates.

Glenn and Stu were horrified by this footage on today’s show, and Glenn warned that the first sign of a Nazi-like regime is when society starts eradicating people with disabilities.

“If you have been around people with Down syndrome, you will recognize quickly … their spirit and their joy and what they bring to humanity is beyond anything any of us will ever bring to humanity,” Glenn said.

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