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Listen: How a truly free society honors and memorializes the individual post 9/11

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Zuhdi Jasser shares with you his personal reflections on the iconic 9/11 photo of a man falling to certain death during the attacks on the World Trade Center and what defines us as Americans by contrasting how starkly different we are from Islamist states and societies.

"As a Navy officer, I have to tell you, the most emotional experience I had in connecting to my military service is visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That tomb represents an iconification of all the lives, unknown, lost in war; bodies could not be brought back. The hundreds of thousands, if not more, that have died -- World War I, World War II, our Civil War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan -- and more to come to keep us free," said Zuhdi.

Zuhdi went on to share examples of some of the most defining moments of a free society.

Listen to more episodes of “Reform This!” with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on TheBlaze Contributors.

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