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Listen: The media treated Bill Clinton's accusers harshly but have propped up Roy Moore's heroically

A photograph showing former White House intern Monica Lewinsky meeting President Bill Clinton at a White House function submitted as evidence in documents by the Starr investigation and released by the House Judicary committee September 21, 1998. Getty Images / Handout

Accusations of sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault have continued to plague the Republican party in the past weeks and progressives in the media are having a feeding frenzy.

On last week's "Conservative Cartel," the guys discussed the media coverage surrounding the accusers and found disturbing patterns of bias (no surprise there) in the way the accusers are portrayed in the media (hint: it depends on who they're accusing and what political party the accused belongs to). Not too long ago, Monica Lewinsky was hailed as a hero and admired for a TED Talk she gave titled, "The price of shame."

Take a listen to hear what the guys had to say about it all.

Why are there double-standards for Republicans?

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