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Listen: This former EPA official blows the whistle on dangerous nuclear plant scandal

(Photo credit should read RHONA WISE/AFP/Getty Images)

In this podcast from “The Jacki Daily Show,” former EPA official Elizabeth Lamerson joined Jacki to discuss an ongoing scandal surrounding a dangerous, decades-old nuclear plant located in southern Ohio.

The defunct plant, which was used to make commercial electricity or weapons-grade uranium, must be disposed of in a location without "fractured bedrock" in order to keep radio active materials from contaminating aquifers in surrounding areas. However, the US Department of Energy and the Ohio EPA want to bury the plant in its existing location, a location where a third party assessment has shown "sufficient fracture in the bedrock to cause concern," which is a clear violation of Federal law.

Lamerson explains that upon questioning the DOE about the proposed disposal site's bedrock, she was told,"At depths greater that 20 feet, the bedrock was found to be intact with no fractures or cracks." But when the village of Piketon hired a consultant to access the bedrock, it was found that the bedrock was fractured up to 77 feet."

Listen to this podcast to hear the full story. Listen to more episodes of “The Jacki Daily Show” on demand on TheBlaze Contributors.

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