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Listen: Why Americans are choosing to lose individual freedoms


In this podcast, Yaron Brooks explores an American cultural mentality which he calls, “entitled dependence.”

“What makes America the greatest country in human history?” Yaron asks, adding, “It boils down to individual freedom. But freedom to do what?”

So, what makes America unique?

Yaron explains: American’s enjoy individual freedoms, such as the freedom to improve our own lives, to believe in our own set of values, and to pursue happiness. The government should protect the people without infringing upon our freedoms.

Why are we losing our freedoms?

The government has too many regulations, licensing laws, redistribution-of-wealth rules and legislatures that supposedly protect the public, but which lead to “unseen consequences" that are changing the mentality of the country.

Are you an entitled dependant?

Yaron asks the tough question: "How did we allow the government to build a society of dependency?" The answer may sting a bit. Listen to the podcast to hear more.

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