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Leftists, why not have a little compassion for your fellow citizens for a change?
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Leftists, why not have a little compassion for your fellow citizens for a change?

This is an absolutely horrific and infuriating story that hasn't gotten nearly the attention it deserves. A 14-year-old Maryland girl at Rockville High School was allegedly forced into the bathroom and raped by two illegal aliens. One of the illegals is 18 years old. I repeat: this is an 18-year-old illegal immigrant who was enrolled as a FRESHMAN in a high school in Maryland. And to make the whole story all the more outrageous, only a few days after this incident, Maryland Democrats voted to make the state a "sanctuary" for illegals. A kid was just brutally raped by an 18-year-old Guatemalan citizen in one of their schools, and this is how they respond. Maniacs. All of them.

Once again, Leftist policies display such abounding "compassion" for politically useful groups yet have none for our citizens, especially our kids. The compassion of Leftism always seems oddly calculated and convenient, pouring out for illegal immigrant rapists while overlooking innocent victims who have a right to be protected from this kind of madness. It should go without saying, but our kids shouldn't have to worry about the rapist element from Guatemala. It's our government's job to keep those sorts of people out. And to do so is where true compassion lies.

I've seen some Leftists argue that it's dishonest to focus on the crimes of illegals. There are plenty of American rapists and criminals already here, they say. And they're right. And that's exactly why we don't need Central and South America to supply us with theirs. We're stuck with our criminals. They're already here, and there's nowhere else for them to go besides prison. But we shouldn't be stuck with Guatemala's criminals. Let Guatemala deal with them. That's not our job. That's not fair to us. It's not fair to our kids. Why is this so difficult to understand?

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