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Michael Jackson's chimp and other celebrity apes have a new gig in retirement

Robin Marchant / Stringer

A Miami gallery will exhibit exciting new art from some famous celebrities on July 21st, but you’re probably more familiar with their work in music, film, and television. Artists Bubbles, Poppy, and Bam Bam are all great apes.

The Center for Great Apes in Florida is a sanctuary for abandoned and abused chimpanzees and orangutans. They have included non-toxic fine arts supplies in their enrichment arsenal, delighted to find that Michael Jackson’s famous chimp and his friends have taken to painting with great enthusiasm.

Adam Brand told Mike Opelka on today’s “Pure Opelka” that Bam Bam, the orangutan from the soap opera “Passions,” “just goes ape” on a canvas and is an “amazing” painter. He is hosting the exhibition and sale of the art at Frames USA in Miami. Mike was charmed to learn that his old acquaintance from his New York radio days, Bubbles, “has taken up painting in his senior years.”

Brand also reported that the Center, which is home to 60 retired apes, shows them videos of Bob Ross while they paint. Great apes have the mental capacity of a 4 or 5 year old human child, so painting allows them to express childlike creativity. He said they seem intrigued by making images out of nothing.

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