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Muslim advocate claimed their goal was to make 'all of America Muslim

Mike Opelka
FADEL SENNA / Stringer / Getty Images

It’s fashionable to extend the benefit of the doubt to Islamists these days, despite increased terrorist attacks all over Europe in the past two months. Mike Opelka unearthed a chilling speech given by Sharifa Alkhateeb on CSPAN in 1989 that he hoped would make people rethink that stance.

He explained the effects of such thinking on current American politics on today’s “Pure Opelka,” such as the city council in Irving, Texas, being pressured to set up sharia courts, or Dearborn, Michigan’s, incidents of Islamic female genital mutilation.

Alkhateeb represented Muslims for a Better America in 1989 and said in her speech at a Muslim-American political awareness conference that Muslims coming to America don't want to become American, but that the long range goal is to make “all of America Muslim,” describing Americans as “potential Muslims.”

She also said, “Education is one of the most important areas that Muslims have to address” and that “our final objective is to create our own Islamic systems.”

Mike pointed out that progressives took over education, so it makes sense that Islamists would want to as well. He said he wants people who “want to be here because of the freedom” to come to America, not to convert it.

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