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New bike helmet deploys like an airbag during crash

(Pilin_Petunyia/Getty Images)

Two Swedish designers have developed a replacement for the traditional bicycle helmet that hangs around the rider's neck while riding, but deploys into a head-covering airbag when it senses a crash is occurring. Known as the Hövding, this innovative device retails for 299 euros, or about $312. Doc Thompson and his producer Kal disagree on the usefulness of this invention; Kal think it's a "really smart idea," while Doc questions its aesthetics and effectiveness.

"Have you ever had an airbag go off?" Doc asks. "I don't know how you keep a similar thing from happening around your neck and head. Wouldn't that be bad for you? I had an airbag go off, and the logo from the steering wheel was imprinted on my hand."

Doc promises to tweet out a link to the Hövding's website, saying: "You've got to see it. It's pretty ridiculous."

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