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New documentary in theaters tonight only explores alternate theories on the Kennedy assassination

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Executive producer Barry Katz joined Mike Opelka on "Pure Opelka" today in anticipation of his one night only nationwide theatrical release tonight of his documentary, "I Killed JFK."

The documentary is made up of unique footage of people thought to be associated with the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. Katz got the rights to the footage, edited it together, and assembled a panel of five remaining JFK assassination experts which will follow the documentary during tonight's screening.

Mike disclosed that his friend, Gerald Posner, wrote "Case Closed," which asserts Lee Harvey Oswald was definitely Kennedy's killer. Katz' documentary suggests he was not.

In Katz' documentary he asks a series of questions designed to challenge the Oswald narrative. If one has decided to kill the leader of the free world, why would one buy an old, rickety manual-load gun with bad sight? What murder has been solved within an hour and half without any eye witness evidence?

Katz then described a complex plot involving the mafia and how they set up the assassination along with the Central Intelligence Agency. When the CIA called off the hit on Kennedy, Jack Ruby is thought to have decided to continue "the job" for the mob.

Lastly he asked who had the power to cover this up for 54 years. He then quotes an official who claimed people flew in from all over the world to see Kennedy assassinated. At the bottom of the proverbial swamp to be drained, he asserts, are the events of November 22, 1963.

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