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New research shows babies first learn language in the womb

Glenn Beck
ultrasound film of thirteen week fetus (kornnphoto/gettyimages)

New research shows that babies can recognize the specific language being spoken by their parents or guardians. On Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck and the guys talked about the pro-life implications of this research.

Experts have found that newborns prefer to hear the language they were used to hearing while in the womb and that babies can recognize their mothers’ voices, the New York Times reported in February.

Newborn babies know the difference between languages, as researchers discovered while working with babies who were adopted from overseas and grew up hearing a different language than they heard in the womb. It appears that babies who are used to hearing one language will feel less comfortable with an adoptive family that speaks another.

Glenn shared a friend’s story that corroborated the scientists’ findings. His friend speaks to his son only in Italian so the language can continue, a practice he started when the child was still in the womb. The first time that he recognized his dad as a newborn was when he spoke to him in Italian.

“’He recognized the language; he recognized me,’” Glenn remembered his friend telling him.

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