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New York is going to remove these decorative tiles from the subway system -- you can guess why

Mike Opelka
TammeW / Getty Images

Tiles that are not even low enough to be in the eyeline of the average New York City subway traveler are being removed by the city because they are reminiscent of the controversial Confederate flag. The tiles are red with a blue X-type cross running though them.

The pattern was created over 90 years ago, reports the New York post, in remembrance of New York Times head Adolph S. Ochs. He was a Southerner, and was reportedly buried with a Confederate flag.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Kevin Ortiz insists the pattern represents Time Square's nickname, the "Crossroads of the World." But he did concede that the tiles would be modified to "avoid absolutely any confusion."

Mike Opelka, not believing this was a real issue for people, asked, “Where are the cameras? Somebody is punking somebody,” on today's "Pure Opelka."  He wondered if this means that the rats in the subway are gone, or homelessness have been solved -- or the urine smell in the summer has disappeared.

“Where is the leadership? Where is the adult in the room?” he pleaded.

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