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North Texas land owners fight back against federal land seizure

(Photo credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images)

On this episode of The Jacki Daily Show, Rob Henneke joins the program to describe the legal battle he is waging on behalf of property owners in North Texas whose land is being seized by the Bureau of Land Management. Jacki expresses her disappointment that Republican leaders have not come to the defense of these aggrieved citizens.

Jacki summarizes the absurd situation neatly: "Overnight, the Feds just show up one day and say, 'So you thought this was your home, you've been paying taxes on it, but really it's on federal land. It's not your private property, it's our property.'"

Rob reveals the many tactics his team is pursuing to ensure his clients can keep their family homes, many of which have been in their possession for generations.

Jacki also reviews Donald Trump's likely energy policies; speaks with Andrew Browning, COO of the Consumer Energy Alliance, about the continuing importance of traditional fuels and the safety and efficacy of pipelines; and describes the bizarre letter she got from the federal government after her personal information, stored on a government server because of her former top secret security clearance, was hacked and stolen.

The Jacki Daily Show airs Sunday 2-4 pm ET on TheBlaze Radio Network.

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