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Opelka: Hey, millennials, what's with the word 'adulting'?

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What does it mean to "adult"? Friday on "Pure Opelka," TheBlaze Radio host Mike Opelka talked about one of the millennials he works with and his frequent use of the word "adulting."

"One of them uses the term 'adulting,' all the time," Mike said. Since he was unfamiliar with the term, he needed to do some digging: He discovered that the word is merely used to describe doing ordinary, "adult" tasks.

"So if you're a millennial and you're using the word adult and making it a verb, and saying you are 'adulting,' when you're paying your rent, making your car payment, I don't know — acting like a responsible human being, I got a problem," Mike added.

He referenced a troubling survey published last week in the Daily Mail in which many millennials, those born between 1979 and 1995, don't believe they become an adult until the age of 30.

To see more from Mike, visit his channel on TheBlaze and listen live to “Pure Opelka” weekdays 7–10 p.m. ET & Saturdays 6–9 a.m. ET, only on TheBlaze Radio Network.

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