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Rabbi Lapin: As free sex increases the free market decreases. Here's why


“Sexual misconduct” doesn’t exist in today’s society as long as both parties consented, but there is a war being waged against the private sector. Rabbi Daniel Lapin took a look at a double standard in our culture on this week’s “Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show.”

The more permissive society becomes of sex, the more obsessive litigation against perceived financial misconduct becomes, he explained. People would rather pretend they don’t need to follow morality when it comes to sex, but society is cracking down even more on male business professionals and big corporations, which are seen as the great evil today.

“We human beings prefer to not view ourselves as a unique creature at the apex of creation, touched by the finger of God,” Rabbi Lapin said. It’s easier for people to see themselves as “smart animals” because then they don’t have to live with accountability.

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