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Rabbi Lapin: Here's the proof that lefty liberalism is an incoherent fraud

Thousands of men and women hold signs and rally while attending the Women's March on January 20, 2018 in New York, United States. Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

On this week's episode, Rabbi Daniel Lapin applied ancient Jewish wisdom to the contradictions that pervade progressive thought.

True systems like mathematics and physics have no internal contradictions. No law about addition or subtraction contradicts any other law about multiplication or division. No law about gravity or optics contradicts another law about motion or electricity.

Yet, repeatedly, the system known variously as liberalism/leftism/progressivism/secular fundamentalism/socialism reveals internal contradictions. These intrinsic fault lines prove the failure of the unproven axioms known as liberalism/leftism/etc.

It is clear that it is no coherent system. It clearly possesses no integrity at all. Women-only organizations, yes; men-only clubs, no? Really? A vacation resort for women only. Makes sense, but why not one for men? Germany wants all immigrants but also wants to be pro-Israel. What if your immigrants hate Israel? Why did so-called black leadership like Jesse Jackson support O.J. Simpson but not Bill Cosby? Should it be illegal to deny the Holocaust?

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